Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

Innovation & RD

In the manufacturing industry under continuous renewal and iteration, JAVAC has ushered in new historical opportunities.

Adhering to the spirit of people-oriented and creating a quality life with innovative science and technology, JAVAC adheres to scientific innovation, perseveres in continuous improvement and progress, and strives to contribute to the scientific and technological development of China and even the world!
JAVAC has its own professional R&D team, which is composed of technical backbone with more than 20 years of senior R&D and design experience and a group of professional and dynamic talents in Electromechanical, mechanical, ion source, vacuum technology and so on.
JAVAC has achieved fruitful results in independent research and development, and obtained a number of national invention patents and practical patents, filling the gaps in the industry and improving product quality. JAVAC's product research and development concept, technical theory and production practice have reached the international advanced level of the industry. JAVAC's scientific research, production, equipment, testing and other links have always led the industry, achieved leading functional advantages and product quality, and won an unshakable market position.

Leading the Trend

JAVAC cooperates with many key universities and research institutes at home and abroad to promote new product research and development with the help of the deep research and development strength of the third party of colleges and universities.

JAVAC provides global, professional manufacturing and technology development services in the field of high-end vacuum coating equipment. JAVAC has the world's cutting-edge nanotechnology to keep the quality of products always leading, through the nano film deposition process, to challenge the limits of film technology, to become a leader in optical film and vacuum technology.
Technology drives the company, and at this point we're not just thinking about what's possible in the future -- The future starts here at JAVAC, and we can really offer our customers solutions that are ahead of the industry.

Technical advantages


Vacuum machinery design and manufacture


Nano optical film process design and software


Optical film thickness monitoring system


Electrical automation design and manufacturing


A variety of ion source manufacturing and auxiliary film forming technology

Product Consulting

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