JASOC 1350

Optical Thin Film Coater

The Main Features

01 Two diffusion pumps combining with a Cryo-trap affords a very hogh efficient exhaust system.

02 Holzer ion source or RF ion source and ion assisted coating, greatly improve the thin film properties and quality.

03 A high stable and reliable EB evaporation source.

04 One RH source (Multiple RH sources are optional)

05 Six sensor crystal thin film deposition controller monitors both thickness and deposition rate of the process.

06 Automatic coating process controlling system through the build-in SCS (Smart Coating System) software.


Model JASOC 1350
Vacuum Chamber SUS304, Ø1350mm x 1450mm (H)
Dome Size Ø1200mm
Dome Rotation Speed 10rpm-50rpm (Adjustable)
Optical Thin Film Thickness Monitoring System Reflection ModeWavelength Range 350nm ~ 1100nm
Transmittion Mode in situWavelength Range 400nm ~ 1700nm
Crystal Thin Film Thickness Monitoring System XTC/3+6 Rotary Crystal Sensors
Evaporation Sources 2EB Source;1 RH Sources (Multiple RH Sources Optional)
Ion Source Hall Ion Source or RF Ion source
Exhaust System Rotary + Booster Pumps, 2-22" Diffusion Pumps, Cyro Trap


IItem Content
Ultimate Pressure ≦7.0 x 10⁻⁵Pa
Pump Down Time (1.3 x 10⁻³Pa) ≦20min
Substrate Temperature ≦350℃


Item Content
Layout Dimensions 6000(W) x 6500mm(D) x 2600mm(H)
Power Supply ≈70KVA
Cooling Water Flow ≧120L / min
Air Pressure ≧0.5MPa
Gross Weight ≈7000Kg