Optical Thin Film Coater

The Main Features

01High efficiency and environment-friendly automatic exhaust system with Cryo-pump.

02 High stability of 270 degree deflection electron beam source.

03 Large capacity six point rotary RH sources.

04 Optical thin film thickness monitoring system (800-2500nm).

05Six sensor crystal thin film thickness and deposition rate monitoring system.

06 Automatic coating process controlling system through the build-in SCS (Smart Coating System) software.


Model JASOC 900
Vacuum Chamber SUS304, Ø900mm x 1200mm (H)
Dome Size Ø790
Dome Rotation Speed 10rpm - 50rpm (Adjustable)
Optical Thin Film Thickness Monitoring System Reflection ModeWavelength Range 350nm ~ 1100nm
Transmittion Mode in situWavelength Range 400nm ~ 1700nm
Crystal Thin Film Thickness Monitoring System XTC/3+6 Rotary Crystal Sensors
Evaporation Sources 1Eb Source; 6-Points Rotary RH Sources
Ion Source Hall Ion Source
Exhaust System Roughing Pump + Cryo Pump


Item Content
Ultimate Pressure ≦7.0 x 10⁻⁵Pa
Pump Down Time (1.3 x 10⁻³Pa) ≦20min
Substrate Temperature ≦350℃


Item Content
Layout Dimensions 5700(W) x 5800mm(D) x 2500mm(H)
Power Supply ≈75KVA
Cooling Water Flow ≧80L / min
Air Pressure ≧0.5MPa
Gross Weight ≈5000Kg